Sello: NOT NOW
Tras el exitoso doble recopilatorio "THE ROOTS OF PSYCHOBILLY", aquí llega otro volumen en el que se incluyen temas oscuros y enfermizos de Rockabilly, Rock and Roll y Surf primerizo que influenciaron a muchas de las bandas de NeoRockabilly y Psychobilly de los primeros 80. Bonita y graciosa portada.

01. Slave Girl- Ray Ethier
02. Orbit- Paul Revere & The Raiders
03. My Babe- Dale Hawkins
04. Jack The Ripper- Link Wray & The Wraymen
05. Stormin'- The Checkers
06. Short Fat Fannie- Ricky Coyne
07. Rompin'- Jerry Warren & The Tremblers
08. Ain't Nobody Gonna Take My Place- Red West
09. Crystal Rock- Frankie Gem
10. She's Mine- Johnnie Strickland
11. Casual - The Carnations
12. Hip Hip Baby- Dennis Herrold
13. Shamash- Burt Blanca
14. Midnight Monsters Hop- Jack & Jim
15. Caterpiller Crawl- The Strangers
16. Okie's In The Pokie- Jimmie Patton
17. Slinky- Link Wray
18. Rock-A-Bye Baby Rock- Connie Dycus
19. El Ringo- Wes Dakus & The Club 93 Rebels
20. Tough Tough Tough- Andy Anderson
21. Crisis- The Rhythm Rockers
22. One More Chance- The Rock-A-Tones
23. Under Water- The Frogmen
24. Sweet Woman- Edwin Bruce
25. She's My Witch - Kip Tyler

01. Del-Tone Rock- Dick Dale and His Del-Tones
02. Califf Boogie- The Teen Beats
03. Ain't I'm A Dog- Ronnie Self
04. Riders in the Sky- The Scorpions
05. Let's Go- Billy Eldridge
06. Radar- Link Wray
07. I Wanna Bop- Billy Harlan
08. Rollin' Pin Min- Ricky Coyne
09. Jungle Rock- Hank Mizzell
10. Rattle Shakin' Mama- Mel McGonnigle
11. Rockin' The Blues- The Flames
12. Ramrod- Al Casey
13. You’re The One That Done It- Thomas Wayne
14. Wild Bird- The Jive-A-Tones
15. Make With The Lovin'- Dennis Herrold
16. Fast Freight- Arvee Allens (aka Ritchie Valens)
17. Everybody's Trying- Jerry Ross
18. Dixie-Doodle- Link Wray
19. Marlene- The Sonics
20. Janet- Jerry Martin & The Sounds
21. Screamin' Mimi Jeanie- Mickey Hawks & Night Raiders
22. Night Of The Vampire- The Moontrekkers
23. Twang- The Cut-Ups
24. Clap Trap- The Vampires
25. Til The Following Night- Screaming Lord Sutch