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KAUAN - ATM REVISED DIGICD artoffact View larger




release date: 17-02-2023

18,00 €

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RIYL: Tenhi, Agalloch, Alcest

Deluxe Digipak with full colour 12 pages booklet, including all lyrics!

A completely re-recorded and remastered version of KAUAN's folkish black masterpiece, “Aava tuulen maa” (Firebox, 2009). Released with brand new cover art, different arrangements, and updated recording, ATM Revised is the definitive edition of the band's third album. ATM Revised (Aava tuulen maa) was recorded in the early days of Kauan. It was the first album recorded outside of the group's home studio with strict budget limitations. Finally in 2021, everything came together. Kauan blew off the dust from the original recordings and carefully removed all the compromises. This is not just a "remastered" version of the original, it's complete recordings of real drums and bass, restored and refined original tracks, carefully mixed & mastered with analogue gear with all respect to the source. Original art pieces by Sergey Jung were also re- scanned, together with all the sketches and imperfections, so now you can experience a beautiful new-looking layout.

"While words can hardly do it justice, Aava Tuulen Maa is the kind of album that leaves you com- fortably numb for its entire 50 minutes running time. It’s a stirring piece of art, which will keep you coming back whenever you just need to disconnect from the world and drift away. Highly recommended!" -Ailo Ravna, The Metal Observer

TRACKS: 1 Ommeltu Polku 2 Valveuni 3 Föhn 4 Sokea Sisar52 Neulana Hetkessä

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