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New ASP - FREMD DIGICD trisol View larger




release date: 28-04-2023

19,00 €

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Beautiful digipak version of the out-of-print album from 2011, with 28-page booklet. Today, hits such as the hymnal ‘Wechselbalg’, the epic, melancholic ‘Unverwandt’, the live ritual ‘Rücken an Rücken’ or the blend of metal and synths ‘Eisige Wirklichkeit’ are regarded as classics. What’s more, the 17-minute ‘Angstkathedrale’ represents an absolute masterpiece example of ASP’s concept songs. Together with the other pieces, it already proved back then that it had never occurred to ASP to bow to any musical genre boundaries whatsoever, and that they would detonate all scene pigeonholes with an explosion that would be heard from afar. Nevertheless, the album drifts like a wisp of fog from an English moor in Victorian times, over into the cold streets of the present day. But however sombre, disturbing, snarling, POEtic and elegiac ‘fremd’ may be: you can always still sense the twinkle in its eye. When mastermind Asp bares his psyche to the listener, a fine humour resonates between the lines, along with an emotionally charged intimacy.

TRACKS: 01 A Prayer for Sanctuary 02 Wechselbalg 03 Eisige Wirklichkeit 04 The Mysterious Vanishing of the Foremar Family 05 Rücken an Rücken 06 Angstkathedrale (Canterbury version) 07 Schön, schön, schön 08 FremdkörPerson, erstens 09 Unverwandt

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