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KENmode - VOID DIGICD artoffact View larger




release date: 22-09-2023

18,00 €

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Genre: noise rock, metal, metallic/industrial metal

For fans of: Swans, Unsane, Einstürzende Neubauten (that the band names as main influence!)

CD, inside a 6-panel Digipak.

On the forthcoming album, Jesse Matthewson shares that it "is the companion piece to 2022's NULL album - both written and produced at the same time throughout the pandemic, and re- corded by Andrew Schneider in the fall of 2021. It conveys the overwhelming sadness and disappointment of the rollout of 2021, after the initial crazed shock of 2020. The material de- manded a slightly more melancholy feel, and we wanted to explore more melody on the exit from this project."

Having played the prestigious Roadburn Festival this year, announced a fall tour with Fange, and actively rolling out singles towards a new album, KEN mode came out of the suffering of the pandemic with fire and fury, ready to unleash it on the world wherever they see fit. Lucky for fans, that's mostly their eardrums. Prior to today, 'I Cannot' marked the newest single since their well revered album, 'Null'. Kicking off and closing out akin to a live show with heavy, well- placed feedback the track is masterfully abrasive and came out of the studio road ready. Seamlessly blending together deep metal riffs, noise-rock vocals, and punk rock chaos, the track is yet another showcase of this band's astounding ability to blend genres effortlessly.

TRACKS: A1 The Shrike A2 Painless A3 These Wires A4 We're small enough B1 I cannot B2 A Reluctance of Being B3 He was a Good Man, He was a Taxpayer B4 Not Today, Old Friend .

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