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release date: 03-03-2023

16,00 €

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Coming in special digipak with "matte finish", upright format with booklet!

A new collaborative project: ALPHAVOX emerges from the vaults of the music label SOLAR LODGE; incepted by its owner and creative head: Artaud Seth (MERCIFUL NUNS, formerly GARDEN OF DELIGHT) and implemented by an elite collaboration of label and guest musicians. Born from a collective desire to pool the dynamic and individual potential from various artists into one cohesive project and inspired by the British label 4AD, freedom of expressive creativity was given free reign. The result is a triumph of creative brilliance revealed in a unique, homo- genous opus full of dark energy and subtle lyrics; made possible perhaps because of, rather than despite such diverse input from the minds of various songwriters.

The Solar Lodge musicians and singers involved are: Din-Tah Aeon (AEON SABLE), Aeleth Kaven (LA SCALTRA), Ashley Dayour (WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW), John Wolf (YOUR LIFE ON HOLD) and Artaud Seth (MERCIFUL NUNS). Additional contributors include Mike York (formerly GARDEN OF DELIGHT), Lars Kappeler (SWEET ERMENGARDE) and Rev Gonz (formerly LOVE LIKE BLOOD).

TRACKS: 01 Morning Star 02 All Stars aligned 03 Rise 04 Shadowplay 05 Dark Satelitte 06 Eldest of Things 07 Order out of Chaos 08 Sleeping Prophet