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release date: 20-09-2019

16,00 €

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Limited edition of 1000

With 2013’s breathtaking and bewitching ‘Quiet Moments’, Lycia truly kicked off their second era. Written, performed, and recorded by Mike VanPortfleet with additional vocals from Tara Van- flower, these 11 tracks retain the band’s familiar hypnotic post-punk/dark rock muse while simultaneously sounding fresh and original.

“It’s not often a band comes back from a long hiatus with anything approaching its best work,” writes Craig Hayes in PopMatters, “but with Quiet Moments Lycia has returned with an album as blissful and fascinating as ‘Cold’ or ‘The Burning Circle and then Dust’. ‘Quiet Moments’ presents a beautiful portrait of Lycia in 2013, reaching in and grasping at the heart with bitter- sweet, pensive, and luxurious sounds.”

With emotionally raw songs and plenty of mournfulness, ‘Quiet Moments’ is a deeply personal and honest album — delving into isolation, existence, love and loss. The album explores eternal themes through glimpses into Mike’s private life and innermost thoughts. In a sense these are plaintive snapshots of memories — VanPortfleet’s personal recollections of an icy, distant past. Lycia creates meaningful yearning imagery, and deep, immersive evocativeness. Creating that moody atmosphere is exactly what Lycia does best – turning the mournful into the majestic to make meditative suites. With echoing vocals rising through wintry drones, and light reflecting off glazed guitars and billowing, shimmering electronics and effects, ‘Quiet Moments’ is 64 minutes of expressive, eloquent, and chilling music.

TRACKS: 01 Quiet Moments 08:14 02 The Visitor 04:32 03 The Pier 03:33 04 Antarctica 08:13 05 Greenland 08:25 06 Grand Rapids 05:51 07 Spring Trees 04:34 08 The Wind sings 04:31 09 Dead Leaves fall 05:16 10 Dead Star, cold Star 05:32

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