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THE CURE - FAITH 2CD View larger




release date: 28-02-2020

16,00 €

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Originally a Goth-flavored post-punk outfit, the Cure evolved into one of the truly seminal bands of the ‘80s, and ultimately one of modern rock’s most celebrated and influential acts. Guided by creative visionary Robert Smith, the Cure’s signature sound balances a dreamy pop savvy with a dark, brooding majesty and fuses superbly crafted, literate songs with a feverish emotional intensity. The band’s early catalog-newly remastered and expanded wtih a wealth of rarities-is a series of masterpieces that laid the groundwork for their phenomenal and enduring popularity.

TRACKS CD1: 1. The Holy Hour 2. Primary 3. Other Voices 4. All Cats Are Grey 5. The Funeral Party 6. Doubt 7. The Drowning Man 8. Faith 9. Carnage Visors: The Soundtrack (Tour Film -Soundtrack)

TRACKS CD2: 01. Faith (RS Home Instrumental Demo Aug. 1980) 02. Doubt (RS Home Instrumental Demo Aug. 1980) 03. Drowning (Group Home Instrumental Demo Sept. 1980) 04. The Holy Hour (Group Home Demo Sept. 1980) 05. Primary (Morgan Studio Outtake Sept 1980) 06. Going Home Time (Morgan Studio Guide Vox Outtake Sept 1980) 07. The Violin Song (Faith Studio Guide Vox Outtake Feb. 1981) 08. A Normal Story (Faith Studio Guide Vox Outtake Feb. 1981) 09. All Cats Are Grey (Live Summer 1981) 10. The Funeral Party (Live Summer 1981) 11. Other Voices (Live Summer 1981) 12. The Drowning Man (Live Australasia Aug. 1981) 13. Faith (Live in the Sydney Capitol Theatre Aug. 1981) 14. Forever Live (Summer 1981) 15. Charlotte Sometimes (Single Version)

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