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release date: 29-05-2020

99,00 €

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The Bowie Years, a seven CD Iggy Pop box set that presents Iggy’s 1977 collaborations with David Bowie – both in the studio and live on stage – including classic albums The Idiot and Lust For Life.

Both of those albums were co-written with David Bowie and David produced The Idiot and co-produced Lust For Life with Pop and Colin Thurston (as ‘Bewlay Bros.’). Interestingly, unlike all three of Bowie’s so-called ‘Ber- lin Trilogy’ albums Lust For Life was entirely recorded and mixed at Hansa Tonstudios and in that respect is the only true ‘Berlin’ album from the five records associated with this era.

The Bowie Years includes both albums and a disc of previously unreleased alternate mixes, single edits and an interview with Iggy discussing the recording of The Idiot.

The Bowie Years:

TRACKS CD 1 – The Idiot:

•Sister Midnight •Nightclubbing •Funtime •Baby •China Girl •Dum Dum Boys •Tiny Girls •Mass Production

TRACKS CD 2 – Lust for Life:

•Lust for Life •Sixteen •Some Weird Sin •The Passenger •Tonight •Success •Turn Blue •Neighbourhood Threat •Fall in Love with Me

TRACKS CD 3 – T.V.Eye Live 1977:

•T.V. Eye •Funtime •Sixteen •I Got A Right •Lust for Life •Dirt •Nightclubbing •I Wanna Be Your Dog

TRACKS CD 4 – Alternate Mixes & Edits:

•Sister Midnight – Mono Single Edit •Sister Midnight – Single Edit •China Girl – Sin- gle Edit •Dum Dum Boys – Alt Mix •Baby – Alt Mix •China Girl – Alt Mix •Tiny Girls – Alt Mix •I Got A Right – Single •Lust for Life – Edit •Interview with Iggy Pop about Recording the Idiot

TRACKS CD 5 – Live At The Rainbow Theatre – London 07/03/1977:

•Raw Power •TV Eye •Dirt •1969 •Turn Blue •Funtime •Gimme Danger •No Fun •Sister Midnight •I Need Somebo- dy •Search and Destroy •I Wanna Be Your Dog •Tonight •Some Weird Sin •China Girl

TRACKS CD 6 – Live At The Agora – Cleveland 21/03/1977:

•Raw Power •TV Eye •Dirt •1969 •Turn Blue •Funtime •Gimme Danger •No Fun •Sister Midnight •I Need Somebo- dy •Search and Destroy •I Wanna Be Your Dog •China Girl

TRACKS CD 7– Live At Mantra Studio – Chicago 28/03/1977:

•Raw Power •TV Eye •Dirt •Turn Blue •Funtime •Gimme Danger •No Fun •Sister Midnight •I Need Somebody •Se- arch and Destroy •I Wanna Be Your Dog •China Girl

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