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release date: 22-04-2022

29,00 €

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This British label is looking back on an already quite high number of high quality Live Triple CDs (mostly ‘harder’ acts, between Metal, Rock and Psychedelica). Unlike the German releases above, the British are selecting their masters much more carefully and the sound quality is always near to PERFECT!.

Formed in 1978 in West Sussex, England, The Cure remain among the most elite and influential bands to emerge out of the British new wave movement of the late 1970s. Having recently reached their 40th year anniversary, The Cure continue to tour regularly. The band’s last studio album 4:13 Dream was released in 2008.

This new triple CD-set celebrates and documents the Cure’s longevity, influence and musicianship, and features the best and rarest live broadcast recordings of the group’s magnificent career to date. DISC ONE houses their show from Philipshalle, in Düsseldorf, Germany, on 19th June 1981, shortly after the release of “Faith”, the band’s superb fourth album. DISC TWO brings things forward a few years and contains a gig from 1984 which The Cure per- formed in Seattle, Washington on 21st October, 1984, while touring “The Top”, their 5th L.P. The set culminates on DISC THREE a decade later, with The Cure’s set at the 1996 Rock In Rio festival in Brazil.

TRACKS CD1: 01 The Holy Hour 02 In Your House 03 The Drowning Man 04 10:15 Saturday Night 05 Accuracy 06 The Funeral Party 07 M 4:50 08 Primary 09 Other Voices 10 All Cats are grey 11 Three Imaginary Boys 12 At Night 13 Fire in Cairo 14 Play for today 15 Grinding Halt 16 A Forest 17 Faith

TRACKS CD2: 01 Shake Dog Shake 02 M 4:03 03 Secrets 04 Wailing Wall 05 Primary 06 Cold 07 The Hanging Garden 08 The Walk 09 Charlotte Sometimes 10 Let's go to Bed 11 Play for Today 12 A Forest 13 Happy The Man 14 10:15 Saturday Night 15 Killing an Arab 16 Forever

TRACKS CD3: 01 Want 02 Fascination Street 03 A Night like this 04 Pictures of You 05 Lullaby 06 Just like Heaven 07 Trust 08 Jupiter Crash 09.High 10 Dressing up 11 The Walk 12 Let's go to Bed 13 Push 14 Friday I'm in Love 15 Inbetween Days 16 From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea 17 Shiver and Shake 18 Boys don't cry

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