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release date: 01-04-2022

23,00 €

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5th Studio album, by the Dutch Post-Punk/Goth/Post-Rock act, previously known as GOLD. The first limited Edition comes in double-CD digipak, and contains a full-length bonus-CD, offering the band’s memorable "Live at Roadburn Redux" performance. Eagerly expected follow-up to 2019s highly successful album ‘Why aren’t you laughing?’! ‘This Shame…’ is the band’s most ambitious and masterful work to date, conceived in the silence of 2020’s pandemic lockdown, partly as a way for GGGOLDDD lead singer Milena Eva to confront parts of her past and partly in response to the Roadburn Festival’s invitation to propose a commissioned piece for its 2021 online edition. The album is capturing the essence of both extreme vulnerability and the strength gained from the process of reclaiming ownership of one's past, these ten tracks are an intimate anthology of transformative power.

While the album tells the story of my personal experience with sexual assault, the song ‘Notes on how to trust’ is about learning how to trust again after such trauma. When every boundary is blurry and every person you meet is a possible risk, it’s a challenge to keep sane. -Milena Eva

In the silence of 2020’s lockdown, Milena Eva was confronted with parts of her past that had been long buried. Bubbling up to the surface, repressed memories and traumatic events pushed their way into her daily life until they could no longer be ignored. With no choice but to confront her past, she accepted its presence in the present, an unwelcome houseguest during already uncom- fortable times.

Around the same time, Roadburn Festival approached GGGOLDDD to propose a commissioned performance for the 2021 online edition of the festival - and the opportunity granted Milena a creative outlet to process her emotions. Shortly before their Roadburn performance, Milena revealed that she had been raped aged 19; it is the memories of this time and its lasting impact on her that in- formed This Shame Should Not Be Mine.

Following the Roadburn show—which was the most viewed and talked about set of the festival and was likened by viewers to acts like Portishead, Massive Attack and Björk—GGGOLDDD had a desire to commit the work to record as soon as possible. They returned to Jaime Gomez Arrelano’s Orgone Studio (Ghost, Grave Pleasures, Paradise Lost) in the UK where they also recorded their previous 2019 album. Granting themselves more time to record than with previous sessions, they worked at a pace that allowed room to breathe and process as they went. The remote location of the studio returned Milena to the silence of her previous emotional confrontations; only this time she embraced the quiet, the distance from real life and the capaciousness of the setting. Mastering was undertaken by Cicely Balston, ensuring that the story and all musical ideas transpired with maximum impact. This setup alongside the recording environment allowed GGGOLDDD to craft the album as they had envisioned it: a dark and contemporary pop album that exists in its own sonic universe.

Visually, the album is complemented by stunning artwork courtesy of Milan-based photographer Szilveszter Makó. The images depicting Milena as a pre-Raphaelite beauty encased in armour display a metaphor for the emotional armour she has worn for years. A special double-Vinyl edition is in preparation, but won’t be ‘ready’ until May/June.

TRACKS CD1: 01 Erase 02 Strawberry Supper 03 Like Magic 04 Spring 05 Invisible 06 I won't let you down 07 Notes on how to trust 08 This Shame should not be Mine 09 On You 10 Beat by Beat CD2 “Live at Roadburn Redux”: 01 Erase 02 Strawberry Supper 03 Like Magic 04 Spring 05 Invisible 06 I won't let you down 07 Notes on how to trust 08 On you 09 Beat by Beat

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