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New SEXBLOOD - TEACH ME TO CRY DIGICD swiss dark nights View larger




release date: 25-05-2022

17,00 €

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Genre: Classic goth rock.

This gothic rock band is based in Mulhouse in Alsace - the French Manchester - located in the far east of France, on the border of Germany and Switzerland and is consisting of 3 members: Abel de Beauvoir (vocals, guitars and drums), Sibyl Viola (synth) and Demon VI (bass). ‘Teach me to cry’ is their debut – and a very strong one! A MUST for lovers of classic American 90s Goth Rock! The sound is firmly rooted in the last century. Guitars are widely present. We can feel the vib- rations of bands that forged the gothic style: Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie and the Banshees… not forgetting the cold wave of the Cure and the saturated guitars of the shoegaze of Jesus and Mary Chain for example.

A short history:

It was at the beginning of 2021, in the midst of a nervous breakdown, that Abel de Beauvoir com- posed the first song for this project: Dark Woman. At this time, Abel was deeply affected by the COVID pandemic. He himself was not sick, but a very good childhood friend died at the beginning of 2021. In addition, Abel could not stand the successive confinements and curfews imposed by the French government. This highly anxiety-provoking period, combined with the depression, formed the fertile ground for writing, and Abel let his new-wave, gothic and post-punk influences appear in his compositions.

He asked his younger half-sister Sibyl and his lifelong friend and sound engineer nicknamed Demon VI to take the synth and the bass respectively. The title Dark Woman was quickly studio recorded and a clip shot on the stage of a nearby club. In view of the extremely positive re- ception with the local nightlife, Abel wrote the other 9 titles of what would become the group's first album "Teach me to cry" in the period of nine months.

TRACKS: 01 Silent Hill 02 Black Rain 03 Dark Woman 04 Holodomor 05 Teach Me to cry 06 Sleeping Angel 07 Soultrap 08 Bloodshift 09 Girls in Uniform 10 Bad Priest

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