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release date: 16-07-2022

49,00 €

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Goth/Rock band founded in London in 2022 by Tony Pettitt, Nephilim founder-bassist , drummer Simon Rippin, formerly of Sensorium, and Peter ‘Bob’ White (Sensorium). Requiems From The Abyss is a 3CD Box celebrating 20 years of NFD's history. The boxset includes 3CDs packed full of fully remastered versions and edits of existing releases, promos and never-before released tracks. Included in the package is a 24 page full colour booklet with an introduction written by Bob and edited by the legendary Mick Mercer. It also includes a fold out poster and 5 postcards detailed with the imagery that drives the band forward.

TRACKS CD1: 1. Light My Way (Radio Edit) 2. Return To Dust 3. Caged 4. Turbine (Nothing Lasts Forever) 5. Witness 6. Remain In Chains 7. Stronger 8. Black Sun 9. Break the Silence (Variation)

TRACKS CD2: 1. Now or Never (Radio Edit) 2. No Love Lost 3. Lost Souls (Extended) 4. Keep a Light Shining (Reignited) 5. Unearthed 6. Never Let It Die 7. Got Left Behind 8. When the Sun Dies 9. Senseless

TRACKS CD3: 1. Spiral Ii (Possession Absolute) 2. Welcome To My World (Demo) 3. Control (Demo) 4. Never Again (Demo) 5. Embrace the Day (Demo) 6. Beyond the Veil (Demo) 7. Lay Some Truth On Me (Demo) 8. Omen/Unleashed (Live Bootleg) 9. Descent (Live Bootleg) 10. One Moment Between Us (Live Bootleg) 11. The Bat Cave Total Rock Radio Interview Outtakes With Bob &