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ACTORS - REANIMATED (+ 6 BONUS) [LIMITED] LP artoffact View larger




release date: 20-10-2022

27,00 €

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Due to limited playing time capacity, the Vinyl edition contains tracks 1 to 13, but is not including Tracks 14 and 15 from the CD .

With pulsating beats and encapsulating instrumentals the album is a celebration of the tenth anniversary of the band's debut single "Post Traumatic Love". Shannon Hemmett (synth, vocals) comments:

"It’s the tenth anniversary of ACTORS' debut single Post Traumatic Love. We wanted to do something special with Artoffact Records and re-release that single with b-side Nightlife. Those two tracks plus the PTL remixes are on the new Reanimated deluxe record!".

This Fall, the band will be bringing their beautifully sculpted live show across Europe and the UK. The European tour spans 29 dates starting in Glasgow, Scotland mid-October and wrap- ping in Warsaw, Poland in mid-November. The quintessential edition of ACTORS' super rare debut EP “Reanimated” [2018], including remastered versions of all the original [7] EP tracks, as well as the band's most popular 7", “Post Traumatic Love/Nightlife” (from 2012!), and 6 super-rare remixes of ‘Post Traumatic Love’, all on one full-lenght, deluxe 15-track album!.

TRACKS: 01 XYX 02 It goes away 03 How deep is the Hole 04 Like U want 2 05 Jacknife 06 Flesh & Bone 07 Forever 08 Post Traumatic Love 09 Nightlife 10 Post Traumatic Love (Humans Rmx) 11 Post Traumatic Love (Woodhead Rmx) 12 Post Traumatic Love (Felix Bondarev Rmx) 13 Post Traumatic Love (Sons of Nuns Rmx)

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