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release date: 23-09-2022

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30,50 €

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Super Limited Edition of 199 handumbered Copies - Blue Vinyl - Glossy Sleeve - Lyric Sheet

The new Götterdämmerung album took a “few” years to be completed and comes exactly 15 Years after their so far latest regular album (2007, Strobelight Records). Recorded during the pandemic, but demo sessions started long before any lockdown. The basic feel of the album was to return to the early deathrock/gothic sound of the debut album. “Intensity Zone” is the result of that. Instantly the sound of Götterdämmerung is present, yet it’s also less polished, punky and more of a rock-driven album. This led to “Intensity Zone” being the rawest sounding album since the debut. That’s also why the old logo returned on the cover and even the colour combination of the artwork harks back to the debut from 1994. But “Intensity Zone” does stand on its own. Lyrically it is dealing with danger, disappointment, delusion, dystopia, death…almost anything starting with a D really… Musically very diverse; from the hard deathrock of “Sink into Fragrance” to the familiar Dämmerung sound of the first single “Never After”, through to the electronic dancefloor track “Common Existence” and ending with the almost 10 minute long atmospheric and dreamy “The First Laugh”. It’s “Intense” but extremely satisfying.

Götterdämmerung's style is a combination of gothic/post-punk/deathrock and noise. Formed in 1991, they signed their first record contract with Dion Fortune Records in 1993. Their debut album was released in 1994 and received great reviews. Several albums followed on various labels, and they also were well received. Götterdämmerung is somewhat of a forbidden fruit, or so it seems. The band is known by many in the gothic/post-punk scene, yet they remain mysterious and sometimes unknown to the larger public. Mainly because their unique sound and disposition are 'bloody' difficult to put a label on. In 2021 the band celebrated their 30th anniversary and at the same time they keep rising like a phoenix from the ashes. This time armed with a refreshed and ambitious line-up and a new record deal with Alice ln../Dark Dimensions. "Intensity Zone" marks the return to the old school deathrock/ post-punk sound, aggression- packed, full of energy and a with much rawer sound. In other words; different, yet unmistakably Götterdämmerung!

TRACKS: A1 Interbellum (00:30) A2 Circus of the Flying Tools (03:05) A3 Sink Into Fragrance (04:04) A4 Never after (03:57) A5 Common Existence (03:49) A6 Revolving Doors (03:31) B1 A Menace in Disguise (03:55) B2 Invisible Greed (04:36) B3 Silence Kills (03:43) B4 The first Laugh (10:02)