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release date: 30-09-2022

25,00 €

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Genre: new wave, synthpop,

80's pop, indie pop

Originally released in April, M!R!M’s latest album was sold out within 2 weeks upon release date. This second press is limited to 500 copies, but this time on RED Vinyl – again with the printed inner sleeve as in the initial edition.

If you are familiar with Jack Milwaukee’s work, you know the DIY/lo-fi approach of of his first re- cordings was already gone with his previous LP but these new ten recordings dig even deeper. Possibly locked in his bedroom for the necessary time, Milwaukee has been able to recreate an imaginative realm of 80’s FM suggestions, scattering a number of acoustic clues from different parts of this parallel, yet so familiar dimension. It’s almost like M!R!M is sending us a message in a bottle with each of these new tracks and each message tells a different story. Post Fight has a punchy pop-punk riff drove by solid synthwave beats, Faultless Pitch hosts a mellow, funky bass line over a solemn drum gate, Desert Love screams italo like nothing else and it was indeed composed four-handed with fellow artists Nuovo Testamento, Say Nothing features SDH singer Andrea Pérez’s backing vocals to invoke a dream-like scenario. There is even a Turquoise Days' Grey Skies cover that is just one more perfect example of Milwaukee's ability to take a single item from the suitcase of the past and make it extremely current in a handful of minutes.

TRACKS: A1 Moody Moon A2 Faultless Pitch A3 Exile A4 Post Fight A5 The New House B1 Grey Skies B2 Say Nothing Backing Vocals – Andrea Pérez B3 Desert Love Featuring – Nuovo Testamento B4 Peninsula B5 Goodnight Galaxie

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