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SYDNEY VALETTE - HOME ALONE [LIMITED] LP young & cold records View larger




release date: 30-09-2022

28,50 €

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Limited Edition (300 copies) on BLACK Vinyl of the CD, released 2 weeks ago on Icy Cold.. "Home Alone" is the 6th album of Sydney Valette, and second for Icy Cold. Fruit of the Pandemic and heartbreaks, it is a return to basics, to how everything started in 2005: making music alone in a room, at home, preferably at Christmas hour… As usual, the variety of genres present in this album is a key factor to understand Sydney’s approach of music: painting a large range of emotions, despite the constant social need of artistic classification: Sydney doesn’t wanna identify to a scene in particular…As a result, on this album you hear influences from Dark Wave, EBM, Post Punk, Rave, Italo Disco, Ambient… (there’s even an amazing Death in June cover on here!) the common denominator being always an underlying Pop vibe! Check out the Lyrics Video below and you will find out, that Sydney Valette is MILES ahead of 90% of other bands in this scene, in terms of quality of sound & production!.

TRACKS: 01 World Alone 02 Pandora 03 Station Stop 04 Mistress of Desire 05 Sapsan 06 Adieu 07 All Paradise 08 Lullaby of Malmö 09 War Child 10 Crystal Heart 11 Fall apart (Death In June Cover) 12 Citadelle

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