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JE T´AIME - AGRESSIVE DIGICD manic depression View larger




release date: 11-11-2022

16,00 €

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CD Edition in digipak – first edition of 500 copies with 6 pages full colour booklet.

The second ALL NEW album this year by French shooting stars JE T’AIME – and twin release to the highly successful album ‘Passive’ (February 2022)!

"Passive/Aggressive" is a double-album concept. The first part 'PASSIVE' was unveiled on Valentine's Day, 14 February 2022. The second part, 'AGGRESSIVE', is gonna be released on November 1st, the Day of the Dead.

The first eponymous (Je t’aime) album told the story of a young man who has abandoned his wife in the middle of a party. We follow his adventures throughout this hellish night. "PASSIVE/AGGRESSIVE" tells us the continuation of this story where it is mainly about the regrets and remorse of our hero. His wife has left him, his daughter hates him, even his dog has run away. It's the story of a magnificent loser constantly caught up in the past, repeating the same mistakes over and over again, hurting the people who love him, and finding himself completely unable to evolve.

This double album, together with the debut album, form a triptych on the theme of the Peter Pan syndrome and the difficulty of growing up.

Kiss The Boys (and make them DIE) (feat. Alex Svenson from Then Comes Silence) is the perfect example of their Post-Punk and Coldwave danceable hybrid.

TRACKS: A1 Out of Sight A2 Tales of Despair A3 Evil Curves A4 Gone away A5 If only B1 Winter Lake B2 Kiss the Boys (and make them DIE) (feat. Alex Svenson from Then Comes Silence) B3 Elbow Beach B4 Leave Me for dead B5 The last Words of a sad & pathetic Hero

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