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NEILA INVO - ALIENATION [LIMITED RED] LP young & cold View larger




release date: 23-12-2022

30,00 €

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Limited Edition of 300 copies, on transparent RED marbled Vinyl Vinyl Edition of NEILA INVO’s album, released on CD in June.. NEILA INVO is a 3-female Darkwave band from Naples, Italy, composed by Claudia SchöneNacht (of ASH CODE fame), Elettra Cuivre and Valeria Fuchsia.

Alienation is their debut album, made of 9 tracks based on different moods. The title is linked to the name of the band, alien ovni in reverse, and in addition Alienation is a concept in which the musicians consider to be right dwelling on nowadays.

The lyrics are a taste of the personal experiences of Elettra, who tells us something of her inner world, especially the dreamlike dimension. The title track Alienation, along with Murder’s Prayer and Serpent in the Thigh, draw inspiration from the same dream. I’m falling is about a period lived in the past, and Chills describes a nostalgic feeling of childhood recalled in adulthood. Through the voice she has tried to communicate and accentuate the sensations given in every word and concept included in these songs. All songs are placed in a scenario that we can define a mix between darkwave and electro with episodes mid tempo and dancefloor hits. The bass guitar of Valeria is the beating heart that drives all the songs, cavernous and in some parts pulsating bass lines are entwined with the dark, cold and melancholic melodies of Claudia’s synth, alternating pad, keys and synth lead.

The mix of the album was done by Nico Giordano, also writer of the viola’s parts in Larvae, while the first track, Murder’s Prayer is the work of Roberto Amato (Geometric Vision).

TRACKS: A1 Murder's Prayer A2 Larvae A3 Delirium A4 Bright and Tempting A5 Chills B1 Alienation B2 I'm falling B3 Preacher B4 Serpent in the thigh

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