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release date: 30-11-2021

16,00 €

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Limited physical edition.

Before Cold Transmission became an independent record label, they started with releasing a digital compilation series named 'ZEITGEIST' next to their regular Mixcloud shows with the characteristic „COLD“ branding. Their Mixcloud channel has reached more than 5.600 followers to date. Their compilations are specifically designed to help dark underground music reach new and wider audiences and reflect the current Zeitgeist of Coldwave, Post Punk, Dark Electronic and more. Since 2017 Cold Transmission have successfully released 176 Mixcloud shows and 15 digital 'ZEITGEIST' compilations featuring hundreds of up-andcoming bands. Cold Transmission see themselves as a platform to support the underground scene and make it grow - with their record label as well as their compilations.

With 'ZEITGEIST+' they are now starting a new chapter of this compilation series – available also on a strictly limited and hand numbered CD for the first time, featyring 17 bands from the contemporary music scene. The concept of this compilation series is therefore expanded and still primarily designed for bands and artists that are still in their early stages and releasing on their own up to bands that have already been signed to the label, or have freshly signed to other labels. Winning important magazines and blogs from the scene that follow a similar approach complete the concept for supporting the new 'ZEITGEIST+'.

Compiled by Andreas Herrmann (Cold Transmission)

Additional Mastering by Pete Burns at THE SHELTER

Illustrations by Jared K. Nickerson (Jthree Concepts)

Artwork by Yvonne Kiel (


01 S Y Z Y G Y X - Maniac

02 Her Absence Fill the World - Neon Arabesque

03 Two Mutants - Aire de voz (Medellin Version)

04 Skin Temple - Mistreat

05 Massive Luxury Overdose - New Face

06 Hanging Gardens – Délavée

07 Incirrina - Only One Smile Alone

08 Deus Ex Lumina - Dark Days

09 DeathFauna - No Saints

10 Propter Hoc - Nom de Guerre

11 Floating Ashes – Hex

12 The Red Dots - A Glimpse of Tears

13 IVUR – Feel

14 Hidden Lines - Strahlst in Gedanken

15 Plague Pits - Golden Age of Carnage

16 Strange Futures - Miles from Home

17 Sad Madona - Spirit of Ecstasy

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