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New SELOFAN - VITRIOLI [BLACK] LP fabrika View larger




release date: 17-02-2023

26,00 €

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3rd print for Selofan’s mighty FIFTH album, originally released in April 2018, and sold out for some time. This re-release comes in 3 different editions, each limited to 350 copies. The first edition comes on regular BLACK OPAQUE Vinyl, printed inner sleeve and including Download link to all tracks. Across "Vitrioli"s eleven heart-wrenching love songs and odes to the failures and hysterias of the subculture, Selofan brilliantly express the band’s main themes they’ve been exploring since their existence: that there is dark humor in emotional vulnerability, that one can find a way to laugh and cry in the same breath – and get stronger. The sound of “Vitrioli” is intense, inflammatory and sometimes harrowing- the record taps into the depths of madness: chanelling a lover’s call to arms, power of self-awareness and brutal rawness of desperation, love and hate conflict colliding into devastating effects. Famously provocative, Selofan create an unpopulated dramatic realm where sad lovers shapeshift into a destructive, obsessive, ambitious persona with a driven desire.

TRACKS: 01. Give Me a Reason, 02. Billie was a Vampire, 03. Black Box, 04. I'm Addicted, 05. Ist die Liebe tot ?, 06. Un Amor eterno, 07. The Language of Love, 08. Living Scandal, 09. Βιτριολι 10 Φουξια Χαμελαιων 11 Η Μοναξια ΕΙναι Της Μοδας 12 Υστερια

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