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New LA SCALTRA - MATER CD View larger




release date: 24-02-2023

16,00 €

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Once Bacchus and back - the new witch dance

Created from the shadows of Gothic Rock and Darkwave, the dark formation around the witches Aeleth Kaven and Dae Widow breaks new ground and brings doomy guitar riffs and unholy vocals into the house with the new album "Mater". Demons like Azazel and Vassago accompany the quartet, which was joined in 2021 by bassist Mike York.

“Mater” is the title of the album and the song that echoes the grief for Mother Earth. Konstantin Michaely (WISBORG) joins us in the desert to meet Azazel and Ashen (ASHFAHL) takes us deep into The Green Light., which almost feels like an ode to the 90's, especially earlier Lacuna Coil and Type O Negative sounds. There on the mountain by the fire, under the veil of darkness, the witches dance with the god of wine and pay homage to him, also accompanied by fine doomy facets. Armageddon awaits at the end of the journey. La Scaltra, the cunning, has conjured up again... new darkness awaits and with it new formations of sinister sounds. Who dares to enter and starts the dance?

TRACKS: 01 Intro 02 Mater 03 Azazel 04 Dancing on Debris 05 Vassago 06 Delilah 07 The Green Light 08 Rites of Bacchus 09 Harmageddon

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