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New DIARY OF DREAMS - MELANCHOLIN CD accession View larger




release date: 24-03-2023

18,00 €

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‘Regular’ unlimited edition in Jewel Box + booklet.

Without a doubt one of the most eagerly expected albums of this new year! More than five years have passed since the last Diary of Dreams album ‘Hell in Eden’ (October 2017)! Never before in the band's history was there such a long break between two albums. The reason for this is complex; the world seems to go crazy and turn everything upside down - too many global, but also private setbacks kept shifting the focus and made it impossible for the band around master- mind Adrian Hates to finish the album with the usual loving dedication and attention to detail. Now, the loyal fan base can finally look forward to the new album “Melancholin”, due for release in late February.

The 10 all new compositions sound incredibly intense and even more intricate and detailed than ever. In addition to that, the new songs are even more haunting and moving than we have come to expect from Diary of Dreams. Lyrically, the album has a reflectively analyzing and exciting quality, while musically covering the whole spectrum, from eerie ballads to electronic dance or epic, bombastic arrangements - all the colors of melancholy.

TRACKS: 01 Mein Werk aus Zement 02 The Secret 03 Viva la Bestia 04 Gedeih & Verderb 05 My distant Light 06 The Fatalist 07 All is fragile 08 Beyond the Void 09 Welt aus Porzellan 10 Tränenklar

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