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release date: 10-03-2023

17,00 €

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“Dying Season” is Burning Gates’ fifth studio album, presenting a powerful and aggressive – yes renewed and enforced sound, anticipated by last year’s limited single "Before the Rain". On their new opus, the band pays tribute to early Fields Of The Nephilim guitars. The opening track "Emeral Wounds" in fact moves on trail of FOTN’s timeless track “Endemoniada”, while the closing suite "Torment" - divided in 3 parts - takes advantages of hypnotic loops and samplings like "At the Gates of Silent Memory", exploding in final inspirations from “Paradise Regained”.

Also on this new album, the lyrics grant no hope of redemption, providing a desperate feeling that everything, or almost everything, is lost. Still: a small inner space of awareness and poetry remains: "Seasons die... but time bends to the will of the man who loves!"

Burning Gates are a Gothic Rock / Post-Punk band from Torino (Italy), originally formed in 1994 and split up in 2002. In 2015 they decided to return to the scene in their classic and longest- lasting line-up, (initially to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first release “Nel Profondo”). During an extended reunion-tour (Spain, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, UK…) the band found they pretty much still enjoyed working and touring together, and decide to write new material. Almost 2 years on, in September 2018, the result of their efforts sees the light, as the new album ‘New Moon’ is released on Swiss Dark Nights.

2021 sees the release of the 4CD box-set “The Aqualuce years’, which collects all previous Albums and a brand new Single (“Before the Rain”). Writing process on the new album proceeds slowly due to drummer Davide’s problems with his hand which eventually, in the summer of 2022, lead to his decision to leave the band. After careful consideration, the remaining members decide not to look for a replacement and go back to the songs already written, composing new ones with backing tracks. The result is “Dying Season”.

TRACKS: 01 Intro - Emerald Wounds 02 Without Shelter 03 Dying Seasons 04 The Cloud Factory (Maya's Dream) 05 Days like These 06 Before the Rain (Changing of the Sky) 07 Awaking (MMXXII) 08 What I know 09 Thoughts of Fire 10 Between Solitude and Freedom 11 Torment part I - Deepest Signs 12 Torment part II - Spiritual Decay 13 Torment part III – Revelations

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