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NORMA LOY - OUROBOROS [LIMITED] LP manic depression View larger




release date: 20-03-2023

28,50 €

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The year 2023 is off to a great start with an all new Norma Loy album, their first one since 2016's 'Baphomet': It offers a series of extremely appealing covers. From the ever unavoid- able Coil to Minimal Compact, from Throbbing Gristle to Suicide, via Bowie, Tuxedomoon, Leonard Cohen to the Velvet Underground, with - as a highlight - a new version of their own track "Romance" originally released as their very first 12” in 1983 on the legendary ‘New Wave’ label!

12 real jewels, to listen carefully to! Jewels on where Usher and Chelsea's voices and Norma Loy's unique sound literally transcend the original tracks. The record is simply magnificent.

Usher (aka Anthon Shield) and Chelsea (aka Reed 013) met in 1977. They published books, organised exhibitions and performances and started to be interested also in music. In 1981 they formed "Norma Loy" (Alan Vega of Suicide himself coined the name), around which evolved different musicians. The band was connected to the french fanzine New Wave which set up a label, and launched a first EP called "Norma Loy". In 1984, the band created their own label, CPM, wich developed and centralised all of the band different activities (musical and non musical: (photo)graphics, literature, video, dance etc... and manage all artistic pro duction (recordings, artworks, sleeves...). Since then, the band released 6 regular and a live album.

TRACKS (DIFFERENT from the CD version!): : A1 Saeta (Nico) A2 In a Manner of Speaking (Tuxedomoon) A3 Venus in Furs (Velvet Underground) A4 Touch Me (Suicide) A5 Some are (David Bowie) B1 A Night to forget (Factrix) B2 Romance 2022 (Norma Loy) B3 Up in Flames (Julee Cruise) B4 Leaving the Table (Leonhard Cohen) B5 Fire of the Mind (Coil)

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