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JE T´AIME - PASSIVE [LIMITED ORANGE] LP manic depression View larger




release date: 30-03-2023

26,50 €

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Originally released in February 2022, JE T’AIME’s 2nd album PASSIVE was one of THE top sellers in Post-Punk/Electrowave last year! Both the first (Orange) Vinyl and the CD are sold out. Here now finally a new edition, in TURQUOISE Blue Vinyl, limited to 500 copies. Also this second print comes with an LP-sized full colour 4-page/Poster insert with all lyrics.

Eagerly awaited second album for the Post-Punk/New-Wave band, based in Paris who’s debut album (Manic Depression 2019) was and keeps on being one of the top-sellers on the label!

dBoy, Tall Bastard and Crazy Z. are "partners in crime". Merging electro-clash, new-wave, and post- punk, they founded JE T'AIME in 2018 and released a first eponymous album carved in the stones of the goth caves of old Europe.

The music of the trio is reminiscent of the great era of the Mancunian Factory. From its first year, the band took part in some major events such as W-Fest and Owls & Bats Festival, while per- forming all over Europe. A live album called « Live at Gibus » recorded in Paris, followed imme- diately as a marker of this spectacular start.

In 2021, the silence of the three men reached a point where their label began to wonder whether they were a real band and musicians capable of writing other records, or another ephemeral talent. But the band was focusing on a more important work. They'd secluded themselves on the Brittany coast recording «PASSIVE/AGRESSIVE», an ambitious double-album.

The first part «PASSIVE» will be released on Valentine's day: February 14th, 2022. The second one « AGRESSIVE » will follow next october.

The first single off «PASSIVE» were «Another Day in Hell» and «Give Me nore Kohl», for which the band released two powerful music videos, a living testimony of the past ceremonies that were 80’s goth parties!.

«PASSIVE» is the central link of a trilogy started by the eponymous album of the band. It is also the album awaited by the band’s fanbase as either a confirmation of their talent, or as their fall as a short-lived phenomemon.

We follow the evolution of the same antihero, whom we had left in bad shape in the previous album. But is he all that fictional tough ? He appears to look more and more like a common avatar of the 3 musicians. The tone hardens, the atmosphere becomes more melancholic, and the lyrics embrace bitterness and anger.

If this episode is called «PASSIVE» despite its obvious energy, what can be expected of the next chapter that will close the trilogy «AGRESSIVE», coming in october.

TRACKS: 01 Another Day in Hell 02 Dirty Tricks 03 Lonely Days 04 Unleashed 05 Stupid Songs (feat. Ophelia) 06 Cold 07 Blood on Fire 08 Give Me more Kohl 09 On the Phone 10 Marble Heroes

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