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release date: 25-08-2023

15,00 €

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In regular jewel tray, incl. 12 pages booklet

WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW, most likely Austria's longest-serving gothic/dark rock band (founded in early 1996), with their 11th album! Once again, the band lead by charismatic front man Ashley Dayour (The Ðevil & The Uñiverse) proves their diversity. This time the journey leads into heavier realms. Down tuned, monolithically stacked walls of guitars, thunderous drums and booming bass that seems to come from the bowels of the earth itself. On top of all that, psychedelic lush keyboard carpets and Ashley's signature voice which clearly iden- tifies this band. Even after 27 years, the same applies: Expect the familiar unexpected.

"Ghosts" is their heaviest album to date and is one of the darkest albums in the band's history. Above all, the 13-minute core piece of the album "Majesty & Torment" surprises with its numerous beat/bar, riff and tempo changes and its progressive approach. “Sacred Fear” flows like a merciless lava maelstrom, and opener “Totems Of Decline” conjures up a dystopian vision that seems to have long since become reality. In addition, WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW open the door to dark-wavy realms with songs such as "A Haunting" or "Ghost Loop Remedy", but always with a twist and a certain heaviness which is very unusual in that kind of genre.

Thematically, "Ghosts" is a journey into the Abyss, a trip through human and inhuman abysses. A communion with shadows and spirits. Both social and personal. Demons such as addiction ("A Haunting"), paranoia ("Ghost Loop Remedy"), self-righteous ignorance ("Totems Of Decline") and chauvinism ("Harpies") are summoned. At the end there is the journey into and through the Abyss ("Majesty & Torment"), the confrontation with fear of fear and finally the realization that the ghosts are a part of oneself ("Poltergeist"), one's own ego, which has to be destroyed in order to overcome it all. WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW not only stare into the abyss until it stares back, they walk right through it and don't shy away from drinking coffee and eating cake with the demons living there down below. In this sense: Let's get haunted!

TRACKS: 01 Totems of Decline 02 Sacred Fear 03 Revenants 04 A Haunting 05 Harpies 06 Ghost Loop Remedy 07 Majesty and Torment 08 Poltergeist