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release date: 29-09-2023

28,50 €

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First Edition on Smoked vinyl LP limited to 300.

Genre: coldwave, darkwave, dark synthpop, gothic rock, neofolk

RIYL: With Sympathy-era Ministry, Lords of the New Church, Solid Space, The Mission, VR Sex.

Legendary 2010's indie band Crocodiles' guitarist Charles Rowell's new synthpop-meets- gothic rock project! Think Nick Cave crooning over Martin Rev's minimal electronics or The Lords of the New Church-era Stiv Bators jamming with Wayne Hussey and Tony Wakeford.

After relocating from New York to France, Charles Rowell began stuffing his suitcase with various synths and samplers while taking cheap bus rides to bordering countries. While living out of a hotel in north east Paris, he played his demos for Third Coming Records who quickly released the Bad Trip EP in 2020. Concerts became more frequent after the pandemic, with the release of Spellwound and a few have become infamous with guitars smashed to pieces, broken glasses, unruly audience front flipping onto the stage.

With Paris providing the background and a scene of friends such as avant-garde drag artist Tuna Mess and industrial techno veteran Poison Point who pushed his creativity even further, Crush Of Souls constant spirit is that it remains unpredictable and thrives on collaboration. This is even more true with this album!

Written over a period of intense insomnia that coincided with a run of shows playing guitar for Australian legend Harry Howard, Crush Of Soul’s main man Charles Rowell finally found rest after writing and recording the last song entitled World of Fear. Six months prior he had quit his job as a chef, traveled east to Prague for inspiration and returned ragged and sleepless. Rowell’s insistence on keeping the instrumentation simple and clean came from an arduous two years of literal blood, sweat and tears. Every bit of drama, eastern excursion and sleep psychosis can be found within the walls of (A)Void Love.

Acoustic guitars and dramatic synths provide a cold wilderness for the various rhythms to inhabit; touches of minimal electronics, cold wave and synth pop can be found while the song writing remains classic for lovers of Echo & the Bunnymen and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. There’s always been a thread of synth-punk, death rock and DIY noise running through all of Charles’ projects (Crocodiles, ISSUE, Flowers of Evil), however Crush Of Souls pushes harder and further into the darkness with the new album '(A)Void Love'.

TRACKS: A1 Unloved A2 The Gift A3 World of Fear A4 Lie(Be) A5 Youth in Smoke B1 Reaper John B2 Who will silence the Pigs B3 Zone B4 Statues fall for Love B5 Servant