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TALK TALK - LIVE 1982 + 1984 DIGI2CD View larger

TALK TALK - LIVE 1982 + 1984 DIGI2CD



release date: 01-09-2023

24,00 €

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TALK TALK achieved great commercial success worldwide in the early 1980s with their mix of electro- and mainstream pop. Hits like “Such a Shame” or “It’s My Life” are timeless classics. This 2CD digipak contains radio broadcasts from 1982 and 1984 and documents how successful TALK TALK were in the early 80s.

TRACKS CD1: 01 Talk Talk 02 Another World 03 Have You heard the News? 04 My foolish Friend 05 Hate 06 The Party's over 07 Today

TRACKS CD2: 01 Talk Talk 02 Call in the Night Boy 03 Hate 04 My foolish Friend 05 Dum Dum Girl 06 Such a Shame 07 It's My Life 08 Mirror Man