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release date: 08-09-2023

30,50 €

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Limited edition on BLUE VINYL, coming with a colour lyrics insert!

Genre: post-punk, indie-rock, gothic, darkwave

For fans of: Depeche Mode, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy

Fotocrime is singer/guitarist/producer Ryan Patterson (creator of Cat Magic Punks, owner of Shirt Killer, former singer/guitarist of Coliseum), guitarist Nick Thieneman (Young Widows), and bassist Will Allard.

On a foundation of danceable, battle hymn drum machines and layered synths, Fotocrime is known for their transcendent electronic-meets-organic post-punk with driving bass, chiming guitars, and Patterson's unmistakable baritone.

Formed in early 2017, Fotocrime released two EPs that year, followed by their first full-length album in 2018. Their second and third albums, South Of Heaven (2020) and Heart Of Crime (2021), were released by Profound Lore Records and in 2022 Fotocrime self-released Alcoves, a collection of cover songs from Leonard Cohen, Portishead, Discharge, and others.

Over the past half-decade, Fotocrime has toured the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe multiple times over on shows and tours with Nitzer Ebb, Soft Kill, Crippled Black Phoenix (…) and appeared at venerable festivals Roadburn, Amplifest, and Electric Funeral.

Fotocrime’s fourth album and first for new label home Artoffact Records, Accelerated finds the band leaping forward from their signature darkwave-leaning post-punk into new territory. The album includes electronic anthems, soulful sophisti-pop, minimal synth punk, hints of Italo Disco, and dreamy art rock. The culmination of everything Fotocrime has worked toward to date, Accelerated is the sound of a genre-bending electronic-infused post-punk band at the peak of their powers.

TRACKS: 01 On the Edge of the Light 02 Accelerated 03 I still need you here 04 Turn away 05 Saint Marie 06 Match Factory Girl 07 Servant of Your Soul 08 Primordial Blues 09 Pulsar 99 10 Night must fall

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