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release date: 25-08-2023

30,50 €

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Re-print No.4 (after Gold, Cream & Orange) also for this best seller on Artoffact. This edition of the 2019 album comes in light GREEN Vinyl.

GOLD returns with their fourth - and finest – album. The Dutch ensemble marry hypnotic gothic vibes with soulful heavy rock, overlaid with atmospheric, often dream-like vocals. The multi- faceted album is complex in its construction, but by enlisting producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Grave Pleasures), each element is given ample room to breathe - and indeed shine. GOLD released its debut record “Interbellum” in 2012 on Germany’s cult label Ván Records. “No Image” followed in 2015 released by Ván in Europe and Profound Lore in the USA, and in 2017 GOLD released its most well-received record to date, the brooding and hypnotic “Optimist”. The latter was unanimously praised as a tour de force in songwriting, atmosphere, and existential innuendo. On each record, the song craft has deepened and widened as Milena Eva’s poetic lyrics and delivery have connected strongly to the depths of the soul. The band as a unit - rounded out by Thomas Sciarone, Kamiel Top and Jaka Bolič on guitars, Tim Meijer on bass, and Igor Wouters on drums – are primal and whirling; full of life, and yet a memento mori. GOLD wonderfully blends the confidence of post-metal with the fragility of goth rock - with electri- fying results. Recalling the experimentalism of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, the dark and sweet beauty of Kristin Hersh and Throwing Muses, but firmly rooted in a powerful, yet artsy rock vibe, GOLD have tapped into something truly unique. The band’s delicate balance has caught the attention of the likes of Converge, with whom they toured in 2016 and 2017, as well as New Model Army, who invited GOLD as support for dates in 2018. In 2019, GOLD will tour Europe, including performances at Roadburn and Hellfest.

GOLD’s fourth and finest studio album, Why Aren’t You Laughing? Has been preceded by an initial [digital only] single and video for the sonically satisfying “He is not”!

"GOLD is redefining mood music, and it’s about time." -Chris Rowella, Invisible Oranges

TRACKS A: A1 He is not A2 Things I wish I never knew A3 Why aren’t you laughing? A4 Please tell Me you're not the Future A5 Taken by Storm A6 Wide-Eyed

TRACKS B: B1 Lack of Skill B2 Truly, truly disappointed B3 Killing at least 13 B4 Mounting into Bitterness B5 Till Death do us part

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