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TWIN TRIBES - PENDULUM [LIMITED BLACK] LP young & cold View larger




release date: 26-01-2024

30,50 €

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Limited first Edition of 500 copies, version 1: Regular BLACK Vinyl.

Following the worldwide surprise success of the band’s debut “Shadows”, and the critically acclaimed sophomore album “Ceremony”, Twin Tribes return with their newest offering “Pendulum”. Four years after their last collection of original songs and constant touring on the US live circuit, the pair returned to the studio in the summer of 2023 to put together their eagerly expected third album. “Pendulum” finds the band contemplating the mysteries of the universe, the triumph of love, pitfalls of unquestioned adoration, and their continued exploration of death and its inevitability. Pendulum is the band’s sonic evolution. It introduces an edgier sound and dives into a realm of unexplored analog and digital resonance, driven by relentless bass synths and thumping drum machines, while retaining the bright guitars, 80s synths, somber lyrics and vocals that the band is known for. Twin Tribes continue their tradition of concise and impactful albums that fuse the gothic with the romantic, and tiptoe the line between light and dark.

TRACKS: A1 Absolute A2 Another Life A3 Sanctuary A4 Monolith A5 Temperance B1 Paradox B2 Cauldron of Thorns B3 Sangre de Oro B4 Eternal B5 Meadow

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