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SACRED SKIN – The Decline of Pleasure digicd View larger




release date: 10-11-2023

15,00 €

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First-ever CD edition of Sacred Skin's debut album, previously (and in parts only) available in Digital only! In the US and Canada there’s a BIG buzz about them and many (including the undersigned!) predict a bright future for this outstanding Electro/New Wave act! The CD includes loads of bonus tracks, including remixes by Nuovo Testamento, Drab Majesty, Kontravoid, MVTANT…!

Los Angeles-based duo Brian DaMert and Brian Tarney explore the vastness of spellbinding, anthemic pop music under the name Sacred Skin. The New wave/synth-pop duo formed in Los Angeles in 2020 under the name ‘Second Skin’, but changed their name to Sacred Skin in February 2022. The first single, 'Colder' was released in March of 2021, when the band immediately stole the hearts of dark souls everywhere with their melancholic undertones and pitch perfect songwriting. Subsequent singles “Eyes Closed” and “Far Away” landed them early live shows at LA’s Sub- stance Festival and the famed venue, the Hollywood Palladium. This succession of singles and live dates led to the release of their first LP, 'The Decline of Pleasure' in May of 2022. Blending distinctive, dreamy new-wave arrangements with DaMert’s powerful vocals infused with lust and longing, the album is unlike anything in its class. Their use of early digital outboard gear and samplers, namely the Sequential Prophet VS synthesizer and the EMU Emulator II, retains a classic, timeless studio feel. 'The Decline of Pleasure' brims with love and hope, transporting the listener to a more innocent and carefree experience, as we move from the era of isolation into a bold new landscape.

TRACKS 01 Earthbound 02 Circles 03 Fever 04 Desperate Dream 05 Far away 06 Anathema 07 No Surprise 08 Colder 09 Stay awake 10 Alive in the Night 11 Eyes Closed BONUS TRACKS: 12 Killers Mind 13 Colder (Kontravoid Remix) 14 Eyes closed (Drab Majesty Remix) 15 Earthbound (Nuovo Testamento Remix) 16 Far away (Missions Fearin' It Mix) 17 No Surprise (MVTANT Remix)

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