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MEDEJIN - THE GARDEN [+ BONUS] CD icy cold View larger




release date: 10-11-2023

17,00 €

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Coming in 6-panel Digipak and including one exclusive bonus-tracks NOT on the Vinyl

Started in 2016, Seattle, Washington, Medejin is the ethereal Dreamwave band led by vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Jenn Taranto, a native of Medellin, Colombia, from which the project draws its name, along with Rebecca Gutterman (guitar), Ramsey Troxel (bass), and Matthew Cooke (drums). Exploring themes of love, loss, grief, life, death, fear, and motherhood, Medejin’s highly anticipated debut LP “The Garden” carries the listener on a cathartic journey into a dream space where sadness and beauty intertwine. Floating between Dream Pop, Post Rock, and Indie, “The Garden” is heavy and fragile all at once, wistful yet joyous and every bit the sound of Medejin. A beautiful, chill, and immersive dance tune, “The Garden” fuses soft warm blowing synth swathes with obsessively pulsing whirring strains, hypnotic dry beats, sparse crips percus- sions and minimal piercing guitar glimmers, to uplift a sad, heartfelt confession of nostalgic longing, with a dazzling melancholic euphoria of regret and hope.

TRACKS: 01 Shell 02 Sea Stacking 03 No other Name 04 Kill the Company 05 January 06 Interlude 07 Our Apartment 08 Who knows 09 World's Fair 10 The Garden 11 Everything's out of Tune

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