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New STILL PATIENT? - RETROSPECTIVE 12.2.22 View larger




release date: 01-04-2024

16,00 €

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After a 13-year hiatus, STILL PATIENT? (who released their debut on Hyperium in 1992) returned in 2012 with new and fresh songs. With the EP SELECTIVE PERCEPTION, the two albums SHAPE SHIFTERS and ZEITGEIST WELTSCHMERZ (and the digital release LEITBILD ANGST), they have opened a new chapter and proved once again that gothic rock doesn't have to sound dated. RETROSPECTIVE 12.2.22 contains a cross-section of the above-mentioned (and long deleted) releases that is well worth listening to, including all the songs from the LEITBILD ANGST EP, that were previously available in digital format only! This also includes the tracks “Since when”, the duet with Felix Stass from another living legend: The band Crematory.

TRACKS: 01 The Ghosts of Tides 02 Seconds of Fame 03 Since when (feat. Felix Stass/Crematory) 04 Soul Reaper 05 Impact 06 Darkness Divine 07 Downfall Prayer 08 Trees falling 09 The Man 10 Away from Me 11 The last Chime 12 Swallowed 13 Mascara Osiris II 14 Anavryn II 15 Song of Defeat

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