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New NÜRNBERG - ADKAZ [LIMITED] DIGICD young & cold records View larger




release date: 01-04-2024

17,00 €

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First print in digipak limited to 200 copies.

After the two successful albums “Skryvaj” and “Paharda”, and a number of special releases, here’s the band’s third regular studio album.

NÜRNBERG, the band with the quite unexpected name for artists coming from Belarus, con- tinues to be incredibly productive. The new album follows the re-release of “U Nikudy” (with early material), the mini-album “Ahida” and an online-only EP in 2023. And despite the wealth of material, there is no reason to worry that the high standards of previous releases cannot be maintained. After the musically diverse experiments on “Ahida”, “Adkaz” is now almost completely dedicated to the rather light, catchy (Guitar-) Wave, that comes in a very gentle and production and should therefore also reach listeners outside of the “Black” Scene, especially the title song “Adkaz.”

The songs have a refreshingly light atmosphere, sometimes sound “cure”-ish and live parti- cularly thanks to the always slightly melancholic sound of the Russian vocals. If you liked NÜRNBERG's previous releases, you will be delighted with this new 8-tracks Album: Classic and pure Postpunk/Darkwave/Coldwave!

Tips for listening are the beautifully wavy “Vada”, which also has club potential, and the slightly harder “Horad”. “Strach” should cause dancing in front of the stage at Liveshows, but definitely the most catchy tune is „Pacalunak“, which is slightly “hidden” at the end of the album but deserves highest attention and praise!

TRACKS: A1 Insomnia A2 Horad A3 Adkaz A4 Miesca B1 Adliha B2 Vada B3 Strach B4 Pacalunak

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