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New ATTRITION - DEMONSTRO: 1982-1985 [REMASTERED] CD View larger




release date: 10-05-2024

16,00 €

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CD in jewel case with 8 page booklet of lyrics and unpublished photos, and sleeve notes by Martin Bowes. - A definitive collection of 20 of the rarest ATTRITION songs, including pre- viously unreleased tracks, demos and alternate versions.

So many experiments with analogue synths, drum machines, tape loop, bass guitar and effects. Many of these tracks were released on cassette compilations at the time and 2 of them on Attrition’s first vinyl release: A 2 track flexi disc with Adventures in Reality Fanzine in 1982.

“For the last 30 years I have been carrying boxes of those cassettes around with me as I travelled around the UK, and Holland briefly, I've spent a lot of time selecting the best and cleaning them up in my studio from the old cassette mixes, and in some cases from the original 4 track tapes...” Martin Bowes

TRACKS: 01 Interference 02 Monkey in a Bin 03 Shrinkwrap 04 Black Death 05 The Mistake 06 Devoid 07 The Visitor 08 Mutation 09 Dilemma 10 Twisted 11 Fear 12 Commandment - Live 13 Head Culture Rally 14 Oblivion 15 Pendulum Turns 16 Vision 17 Retrograde 18 In the Attic 19 First Onslaught 20 Mind Drop in Centre

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