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New BLEIB MODERN - BLEIB MODERN [LIMITED] MC young & cold View larger




release date: 28-06-2024

17,00 €

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APE/MUSIC-CASSETTE, strictly limited to 200 copies only!

With Young & Cold Records, the Berlin based quintet has finally reached its natural home base, after numerous releases on renowned scene labels such as Manic Depression, Icy Cold, Wave Tension, Oráculo, Third Coming and Wave Records.

The new, fifth, album will take the success of BLEIB MODERN into new dimensions. The fact that the album is self titled, shows the self-confidence of the band, that was one of the first groups of the Darkwave/Postpunk revival in the mid-2010s and was able to gain a very good reputation with numerous releases and live performances ever since.

The group's sound has matured significantly. Like none of the albums before, an atmospheric density has been created here that you would know from acts like Clan Of Xymox or Drab Majesty. The mix of intense magic atmosphere and catchiness is on point. Overall, the mood has become darker and for the first time in the band’s history, some songs with German lyrics were included. Next to guitars, drums and base, synths and samples have become an essen- tial part of the brew. The varied structures of the songs guide us into a sparkling dream world: Pieces like “T.W.T.I.A.” and “Feeling Great” are earwigs that will become fan favourites quickly. „Stell Dir Vor“ and „Rainy Day“ are for darker days. They all got an essential Bleib Modern feeling, but on a new, higher level!

The nine new songs are framed by an Intro and an Outro, which give the entire album a con- ceptual character, and show that BLEIB MODERN have an experimental side, too. Without any doubt this album delivers their artistic peak to date and will quickly reach a level of success that only bands like Lebanon Hanover or She Past Away currently have.

TRACKS: 01 [4theWayDone] 02 Traum / Boy 03 Everywhere I go 04 T.W.T.I.A. 05 Fremder Junge 06 Stell Dir vor 07 Es geht Mir 08 Feeling Great 09 To recover at all 10 Rainy Day 11 [no dogs barking in the background]

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