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The new box set collects the band’s first three studio albums (1987’s Dawnrazor, 1988’s The Nephilim, 1990’s Eliziuim), some of which have bonus tracks, plus the 1991 live album Earth Inferno and a new 13-track collection of singles and remixes.

TRACKS CD1 "Dawnrazor: 01. “Intro (The Harmonica Man), 02. Slow Kil, 03. Volcane (Mr. Jealousy Has Returned), 04. Vet For The Insane, 05. Dust, 06. Reanimator, 07. Dawnrazor, 08. The Sequel

Bonus tracks: 09. Power, 10. Secrets, 11. The Tower, 12. Laura II, 13. Preacher Man, 14. Blue Water

TRACKS CD2 "The Nephilim": 01. Endemoniada, 02. The Watchman, 03. Phoebia, 04. Moonchild, 05. Chord Of Souls, 06. Shiva, 07. Celebrate, 08. Love Under Will, 09. Last Exit For The Lost

Bonus tracks: 10. Moonchild (Longevity), 11. Celebrate (Second Seal)

TRACKS CD3 "Elizium": 01. “(Dead But Dreaming), 02. For Her Light, 03. At The Gates Of Silent Memory, 04. (Paradise Regained), 05. Submission,  06. Sumerland (What Dreams May Come), 07. Wail Of Sumer, 08. And There Will Your Heart Be Also

Bonus tracks: 09. Psychonaut (Lib III), 10. Submission Two (The Dub Posture), 11. Sumerland (Single Version)

TRACKS CD4 "Earth Inferno": 01. Intro (Dead But Dreaming)/For Her Light/At The Gates Of Silent Memory/(Paradise Regained), 02. Moonchild, 03. Submission, 04. Preacher Man, 05. Love Under Will, 06. Sumerland, 07. Last Exit For The Lost, 08. Psychonaut, 09. Dawnrazor

TRACKS CD5 "Singles & Mixes": 01. Preacher Man (Contaminated Mix), 02. Blue Water (Electrostatic), 03. Moonchild (Second Seal), 04. Psychonaut (Lib I), 05. For Her Light (Two), 06. Submission (Non Resistance),  07. Sumerland (Dreamed Version), 08. In Every Dream Home A Heartache, 09. Blue Water (Hotwire), 10. Moonchild (Unsealed), 11. (Dead But Dreaming) For Her Light

Bonus tracks: 12. Psychonaut (Lib II), 13. Psychonaut (Lib IIII)

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