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Winter Severity Index have been praised and celebrated on highest levels for their amazing and extremely successful full length debut ‘Slanting Ray’ (now deleted) on Manic Depression in 2014. The album was presented in several venues and festivals all over Europe and it was mentioned as one of the best New Wave album of the year by many magazines, both in Italy and abroad. Their second album ‘Human Taxonomy’, was presented in first preview at the Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig, receiving a warm welcoming by the audience.

In their music a cold vintage drum machine rhythm section meets the liquid melancholic atmospheres of Simona's guitar and the Alessandra’s ethereal synths. Winter Severity Index is a New Wave project from Rome, Italy by Simona Ferrucci, singer, guitarist, composer and songwriter. The project was born in 2009 as a traditional band, formed by four young women. During 2010 the band published a self-released EP, "Winter Severity Index", distributed by AF Music, now sold-out. In the same year and in 2011 the band received lots of good reviews all over Europe and per- formed gigs in Italy, in Berlin at Death#Disco and in Lisbon, at the Graveyard Fest. In January 2012 the project took the form of a duo, after the decision of two members to leave the band. Simona continued collaborating with Valentina Fanigliulo, a.k.a. Mushy and released a number of tracks on compilations such as Death#Disco, the ‘Tribute to Frozen Autumn’ CD and others and released an EP for Blood Rock Records in 2013 and their debut on Manic Depression in 2014.

TRACKS: 01. Paraphilia, 02. Athlete, 03. Quiet Life, 04. Waiting Room, 05. Backstroke, 06. Drums of Affliction, 07. 5AM

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