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release date: 22-03-2019

23,50 €

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Style: LACRIMOSA! (Gothic / Metal / Alternative…)

Deluxe digi2CD, featuring 25 tracks, including 4 ALL EXCLUSIVE ones 28 pages booklet…

Tilo Wolff in his own words: “On March 22nd 2019, we will release "Zeitreise" (Time Travel) – a collection of works that ranges from the past into the future! We are in the 30th year of Lacrimosa and I noticed in recent years that a not inconsiderable part of our audience has some trouble to grasp the entire work with its more than 100 com- positions – which is of course more than understandable! Therefore, we feel the need to offer a compact journey through the history of Lacrimosa! And so the title “Time Travel” is to be taken literally, because in addition to the view into the musical history (as well as special versions of some songs) this double CD, with "Lass die Nacht nicht über mich fallen – Reprise" offers a radical new recording of this particular title and with "Drei Sekunden" an exclusive and completely new song! And this collection even reaches into the future, because with "In Schatten der Sonne" we present another new composition, which is also a preview of the next studio album! As always with Lacrimosa, this CD will also be outfitted with an elaborate design and a thick 28 pages booklet, including many, partly unpublished photos! I hope "Zeitreise" will bring you pleasure!”

Tilo Wolff

TRACKS CD1: 01 Ich bin der brennende Komet 02 Lichtgestalt 03 Bresso 04 Nach dem Sturm 05 Not every pain hurts 06 Die unbekannte Farbe 07 Der Morgen danach (Metus Version) 08 Irgendein Arsch ist immer 09 Alleine zu zweit 10 Satura 11 My pain 12 Keine Schatten mehr 13 Stolzes Herz (Single Version)

TRACKS CD2: 01 Durch Nacht und Flut (Spanish Version) (EXKLUSIVE VERSION!) 02 Seele in Not (Urversion) 03 Der leise Tod 04 Copycat 05 Thunder and Lightning 06 Ich verlasse heut' Dein Herz 07 Feuer 08 Alles Lüge 09 Schakal (Single Version) 10 Lass die Nacht nicht über mich fallen – Reprise (EXKLUSIVE TRACK!) 11 Drei Sekunden (EXKLUSIVE TRACK!) 12 Im Schatten der (EXKLUSIVE TRACK!)

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