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ABU NEIN - SECULAR PSALMS [LIMITED] CD progress productions View larger




release date: 20-11-2020

16,00 €

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File under: Synthwave / Dark Wave / Postpunk / Electronic

Brand new signing on quality label Progress Productions, that welcomes Malmö-based Abu Nein. This trio has quickly risen to be one of the most talked about bands in the postpunk/darkwave/synthwave scene. Imagine a fantasic mixture of Light Asylum, Hante., She Past Away and Linea Aspera. This will take you pretty close to the sound of Abu Nein. The brilliant vocals of Erica Li Lundqvist blends perfectly with the dark and gloomy sound- track. This is for sure the next band to really break out in the scene. A top priority release for Progress for this winter!

The CD is limited to only 500 copies handnumbered copies worldwide. And mark out words when we say that this release will be a rare and expensive item VERY soon. A must for fans of dark gloomy sounds and THE soundtrack o autumn/winter 2020.

TRACKS: 01 Dying into a Dance 02 Love in Vain 03 Rotten Garden 04 Chamber 05 Rape Child 06 I will rise 07 Wound 08 Sin 09 God in Me 10 Geist

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