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New WISBORG - INTO THE VOID [LIMITED] LP danse macabre View larger




release date: 19-03-2021

22,50 €

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The third WISBORG album is again available also in a limited Vinyl edition!

German gothic/pop innovators WISBORG are back – stronger than ever! Only four years after their formation, the duo looks back on 3 albums already. ‘Into the Void’ is the final piece a trilogy and concludes WISBORG's first creative chapter with a bang. “Nikolas and I improved significantly since our early days”, front man Konstantin Michaely states, “both personally and musically. We never stuck to the boundaries of the genre, but with ‘Into the Void’ we fully went on our own creative path.” Their open mind and an even bigger production than for their previous records turned the album into a gloomy masterpiece. WISBORG blow the dust off the goth rock skeleton and flirt with both metal and pop simultaneously.

The first single „I believe in Nothing“ for example is a punkish uptempo track with Billy Idol flair – „Fall from Grace“ on the other hand leans more towards Nine Inch Nails with crunchy guitars and a buzzing bass synth. „L'Amour fait mal“ is even more electronic – a sexy club hit between New Order, Lady Gaga and the 69 Eyes on which fetish model Dani Divine gives her singing debut. You want it harder? „Oblivion“ is a 9 mins. track with Rammstein riffs and, yet again, a famous guest: Jørgen Munkeby from Shining added his vocals and an epic sax solo to the nihilistic banger. It is astonishing how WISBORG manage to incorporate so many different elements into their music and yet maintain their personal style. ‘Into the Void’ is rooted in the tradition of goth but is as far from gatekeeping as Bela Lugosi is from being alive. A genuine piece of art!.

TRACKS: 01 I believe in Nothing 02 Fall from Grace 03 Perfume & Cigarettes 04 L'Amour fait mal (feat. Dani Divine) 05 Vampyre 06 An erotic Funeral 07 Vampyre, Pt. 2 08 Platonically arousing 09 Oblivion (feat. Jørgen Munkeby)

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