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release date: 07-05-2021

40,00 €

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When our first album emerged from the smut of the Here and Now and our second led back to our roots in Sugar Candy Mountain then THE BREATHTAKING BLUE was our ‘I don't give a shit’ album, a self-indulgent arrogant blind shot over the shoulder into the future with our backs to the audience.” – Marian Gold, February 2021

“The crazy endeavor to turn the entire album into the film ‘Songlines’ actually worked out in a wondrous way. A separate short film for each song, from directors all across the world – a project ahead of its time almost 35 years ago. The treasure of original 35mm film tapes have been recovered, the tapes meticulously restored and digitalized. Now, these films can finally be enjoyed in all of their beauty. It’s a completely new experience.” - Bernhard Lloyd

Three years later after AFTERNOONS IN UTOPIA, ALPHAVILLE returned with their third studio album THE BREATHTAKING BLUE (1989). It introduced new musical elements and a musical concept, added electronic pioneer Klaus Schulze to the production team and embraced emerging technology (including one of the first CD-Graphic releases ever). In addition to the well-produced songs such as the single “Romeos,” the album included the visually stunning and innovative film “Songlines” where nine directors did short movies inspired by one of the album tracks. Later renamed as “Balance,“ the short film for the song “Middle of the Riddle” won an Academy Award for “Best Animated Short Film” the following year.

THE BREATHTAKING BLUE has been remastered for the first time and expanded, with personal supervision by ALPHAVILLE founding members Marian Gold and Bernhard Lloyd. These DELUXE EDITIONS will be released as a 180-gram 1LP/DVD-format featuring the remastered original album on vinyl and a 24-page booklet with many and rare photos in a gatefold sleeve, plus the DVD film “The Breathtaking Blue - Songlines.“ The 2CD/DVD format contains the remastered album on Disc 1, Disc 2 features 16 remastered und remixed B-sides, 12”-mixes, remixes of album tracks, plus the DVD film “The Breathtaking Blue” which has been newly digitalized and previously hasn’t been released outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This 2CD/DVD format also features a 20-page booklet.


1. Summer Rain - 2021 Remaster (4:11)

2. Romeos - 2021 Remaster (5:30)

3. She Fades Away - 2021 Remaster (4:59)

4. The Mysteries Of Love - 2021 Remaster (4:56)

5. Ariana - 2021 Remaster (3:44)

6. Heaven Or Hell - 2021 Remaster (3:29)

7. For A Million - 2021 Remaster (6:10)

8. Middle Of The Riddle - 2021 Remaster (3:21)

9. Patricia’s Park - 2021 Remaster (4:14)

10. Anyway - 2021 Remaster (2:50)

11. - Romeos - Single Version – 2021 Remaster (4:06)*

12. - Summer Rain - Single Version – 2021 Remaster (4:01)*

13. - Mysteries Of Love - 7“ Remix Edit – 2021 Remaster (3:34)*

* only on the 2CD/DVD Deluxe edition


1. Romeos - Extended Mix; 2021 Remaster (8:38)

2. Summer Rain - Extended Version; 2021 Remaster (5:32)

3. Mysteries Of Love – Remix; 2021 Remaster (7:58)

4. Headlines; 2021 Remaster (4:11)

5. Sister Sun; 2021 Remaster (3:56)

6. Like Thunder; 2021 Remaster (4:47)

7. Summer In Berlin - Demo Version Remix; 2021 Remaster (5:53)

8. She Fades Away (Titanic Version) Original Demo; 2021 Remaster (3:10)

9. Ariana - Original Demo; 2021 Remaster (2:37)

10. Heaven Or Hell - Original Demo; 2021 Remaster (1:59)

11. Headlines- Original Demo; 2021 Remaster (3:48)

12. The Mysteries Of Love - Alternative Remix; 2021 Remaster (4:55)

13. Romeos – Teknopella; 2021 Remaster (4:31)

14. Romeos - Balcony Mix; 2021 Remaster (6:03)

15. Romeos - Radio Edit; 2021 Remaster (4:01)

16. Romeos - Tribal Mix; 2021 Remaster (6:27)

TRACKS DVD: The Breathtaking Blue - Songlines (49:45) CD+G animations for all album tracks from 1989

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