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New HALLOWS - ALL THAT IS TRUE [LIMITED] LP cold transmission View larger




RELEASE DATE: 15-09-2021

26,00 €

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Limited Edition of 200 copies on SOLID GOLD with black Marbles Vinyl.

HALLOW’s latest album explores themes of angst, rebellion, and the desire to march towards a brighter future in the face of adversity. After releasing their digital five-song EP “Subtle”, the album sees HALLOWS drastically grow as a band. The album witnesses the duo explore deeper into sound design and atmosphere, taking risks and unorthodox approaches to their home-base of darkwave/ post-punk. With the flair of Seattle producer Aaron C. Schroeder, “All that is true” displays HALLOWS' growing maturity as a band and their desire to explore further into their genre, while pulling influence from an eclectic array of music and art. The album was written mostly during times of unrest in Seattle (and the world) where both V and D witnessed the brutality of oppression first hand. These experiences served as inspiration for much of this output, pouring out angst, rebellion, and the drive to march towards a brighter future. Though the album is not explicitly political, it explores the emo- tional journey of existing in an unjust world..

HALLOWS is a duo consisting of Vanee D. and Dom R. started in Minneapolis/USA in 2018, migrated to Seattle. The band explores themes of unease and loneliness in their music, staying true to a the darkwave/post-punk genre while incorporating influences from various other genres and art forms.solo.

TRACKS: 01 Out of Time 02 All that is true dies 03 Defeated 04 Shallow Waters 05 Nothing 06 The lost Wander 07 Our Failures 08 Silence 09 Her Thirst 10 This Instance Makes us forget

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