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25,00 €

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UK-only five CD box set containing a quintet of re-mastered albums from the Goth Rock icons: In the Flat Field, Mask, the Sky's Gone Out, Burning from the Inside and Singles (a compilation of the non-album tracks excluding BBC recordings). This set also included the first official release of the rare cover of 'Spirit in the Sky' (originally featured on an ultra-rare fan club-only single) and the live-with-studio-vocals version of 'Bela Lugosi's Dead'.

TRACKS CD1 "IN THE FLAT FIELD": 01. Double Dare, 02. In the Flat Field, 03. God in an Alcove, 04. Dive, 05. Spy in the Cab, 06. Small Talk Stinks, 07. St. Vitus Dance, 08. Stigmata Martyr, 09. Nerves

TRACKS CD2 "MASK": 01. Hair of the Dog, 02. The Passion of Lovers, 03. Of Lillies and Remains, 04. Dancing, 05. Hollow Hills, 06. Kick in the Eye 2, 07. In Fear of Fear, 08. Muscle in Plastic, 09. The Man With the X-ray Eyes, 10. Mask

TRACKS CD3 "THE SKY´S GONE OUT": 01. Third Uncle, 02. Silent Hedges, 03. In the Night, 04. Swing the Heartache, 05. Spirit, 06. The Three Shadows Part 1, 07. The Three Shadows Part 2, 08. The Three Shadows Part 3, 09. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, 10. Exquisite Corpse, 11. Ziggy Stardust, 12. Party of the First Part, 13. Spirit, 14. Watch That Grandad Go

TRACKS CD4 "BURNING FROM THE INSIDE": 01. She's in Parties, 02. Antonin Artaud, 03. Wasp, 04. King Volcano, 05. Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?, 06. Slice of Life, 07. Honeymoon Croon, 08. Kingdom's Coming, 09. Burning from the Inside, 10. Hope, 11. Lagartija Nick, 12. Here's the Dub, 13. Departure, 14. Sanity Assassin

TRACKS CD5 "SINGLES": 01. Rosegarden Funeral of Sores, 02. Poison Pen, 03. Telegram Sam, 04. Ziggy Stardust, 05. Dark Entries, 06. Scopes, 07. The Sanity Assassin, 08. Spirit, 09. Lagartija Nick, 10. Earwax, 11. Watch That Grandad Go, 12. Third Uncle (Single Edit), 13. Terror Couple Kill Colonel, 14. In Fear of Dub, 15. Kick in the Eye (Single Remix), 16. She's in Parties (Single Edit), 17. Crowds, 18. Paranoia, Paranoia, 19. Spirit in the Sky, 20. Bela Lugosi's Dead (Tomb Raider Mix)

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