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release date: 26-02-2016

16,00 €

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Format: CD (in deluxe digipak with booklet)

In the original press release to the independent Mirror release, one finds the words "postmodern psychosexual cabaret" to describe its astonishing music. And it is difficult to disagree once you've immersed yourself in the dreamlike, sleepy quality of one of the most innovative records you're likely to ever hear.

Mirror's Thomas Anselmi has a long history in the Canadian music scene -- he founded contro- versial Vancouver punk-rock act SLOW in the 80s and was also at the center of the criminally underrated CIRCLE C (aka COPYRIGHT), who more or less invented Radiohead's sound before they did in the 90s. With Mirror, Anselmi had different goals and aspirations: "As a songwriter, I've spent a lot of time in my music career trying to be innovative. And one thing that struck me was watching the way [David] Lynch would use music in films. Rather than being innovative, the music was used in a way that was familiar. In other words, anything that sounded kind of challenging melodically, I got rid of. I made everything in a way like a lullaby."

Mirror is a tour de force in song-writing, with the help of an impressive cast: Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) takes on vocal duties for the fantastic album opener Nostalgia; Warhol super- star and actor Joe Dallesandro makes an appearance on City Lights; Mike Garson (the pianist from David Bowie's Alladin Sane) contributes; as do guitarist Knox Chandler, former Grapes of Wrath keyboardist Vincent Jones (who produced the record), and Download collaborator Phil Western.

TRACKS: 01. Nostalgia, 02. Nowhere, 03. City Lights, 04. World of Darkness, 05. Twentieth Century, 06. From no One with Love, 07. Fat Girl, 08. Mirror Song, 09. The Cold is on its Way

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