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BLUTENGEL - LEITBILD [LIMITED] BOX out of line View larger




release date: 17-02-2017

41,00 €

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The holy grail of “Leitbild” editions is the limited fan set. I comes in a classy glossy print ardboard case and contains the double CD edition plus the following exclusive content:

A lavish shape MCD available only in the set. It features a rework of the hit “Anders Sein” plus two songs off “Leitbild” in captivating acoustic versions. The disc itself is an absolute gem featuring the Blutengel-”Leitbild”-logo on a crystal-clear-see-through disc.

“Chris Pohl – Lebe deinen Traum – Das Hörbuch”: an exclusive double CD (in GERMAN only!) that tells the story of Chris, Blutengel and all his other music projects, in his own words, narrated by Chris Pohl himself. A myriad of personal insights – you have never been this close to Blutengel and Chris before.

The album artwork and all lyrics are featured in a deluxe DIN A5 photo booklet.

The “Leitbild”-box will give you the complete fan experience!

CD3 + CD4 (ONLY in the Box-Set!): Chris Pohl – Lebe Deinen Traum – Das Hörbuch in 24 chapters (GERMAN language only!)

CD5 (ONLY in the Box-Set!): 01. Anders sein (Rework 2017 - Still Different), 02. Der Himmel brennt (Symphonic Version), 03. Wasting the Years (Acoustic Version)

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