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release date: 25-08-2017

30,50 €

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Limited edition on clear/black half-half effect Vinyl!. This double vinyl reissue includes 11 bonus remixes by THE SISTERS OF MERCY, FAITH NO MORE, CARCASS, PARADISE LOST, EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN, KMFDM, CHARLIE CLOUSER and many more!. All audio has been remastered for the vinyl format.

One of the most successful Die Krupps albums ever, The Final Option includes some of the band's biggest hits, including Fatherland, To the Hilt and Bloodsuckers. The album was released in 1993 and marked Die Krupps' full transition into a metal-industrial outfit, complete with raging riffs, Jürgen Engler's distinctive vocals, and synths high in the mix. At the time of its release, Engler was no newcomer to the metal world. He ran his own metal label (Atom H) and had released albums by Accuser, Protector, Rumble Militia and many others. Accuser's members even helped out on the previous album (I) and were initial touring members, later to be replaced by Lee Altus (Heathen, Exodus) for live guitars. The Final Option truly marked the emergence of a new style, one that later would be dubbed industrial-metal, but which at the time was a nameless, blood-thirsty beast.

TRACKS A: A1. Crossfire, A2. Language of Reality, A3. Bloodsuckers, A4. Fatherland, A5. To the Hilt

TRACKS B: B1. Iron Man, B2. Inside out, B3. Paradise of Sin, B4. Worst Case Scenario, B5. Shellshocked, B6. New Temptation

TRACKS C: C1. Fatherland (Remix by Andrew Eldritch of THE SISTERS OF MERCY & Rodney Orpheus), C2. Language of Reality (Remix by Charlie Clouser with Mick Cripps), C3. Crossfire (Remix by Jim Martin of FAITH NO MORE), C4. Bloodsuckers (Remix by Evan & Billy of BIOHAZARD), C5. Inside out (Remix by Jeff Walker of CARCASS)

TRACKS D: D1. Shellshocked (Remix by Aaron Aedy of PARADISE LOST), D2. To the Hilt (Remix by Jocke Skog & Erlend Ottem of CLAWFINGER), D3. Iron Man (Remix by KMFDM & Chris Shephard), D4. Paradise of Sin (Remix by Luc Van Acker of REVOLTING COCKS), D5. Worst Case Scenario (Remix by White Child Rix of GUNSHOT), D6. Shellshocked (Remix by F.M. Einheit of EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN)

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