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release date: 19-01-2018

35,00 €

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Limited 3CD Special Edition:

· Book with 3 CDs with 32 songs in total

·CD #1 contains the new studio album “Hinter dem Horizont”

· CD #2 includes 11 bonus tracks, featuring:

o A gorgeous cover version of the album track “Hinter dem Horizont” covered by PROJECT PITCHFORK

o A stunning cover version of the Shakespeare Sister’s classic “Stay” covered by L’ÂME IMMORTELLE - this indeed is a wish Thomas Rainer fosters since day one of his career

o A deeeply touching and fragile acoustic version of “Memories” – interpreted by Sonja Kraushofer o A thundering club version of “Unendlich”

o And countless other guest apperances of ZEROMANCER, ROTERSAND, FROZEN PLASMA, WE ARE TEMPORARY and many more!

· CD #3 audio commentary narrated by Sonja Kraushofer and producer Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg on the evolution of the album (German language only)

· Lavishly designed hardback picture book, 40 pages

· Includes complete album lyrics

· Exquisite art print on high-quality art paper

· Bound with durable thread stitching

· Strictly limited to 2000 copies worldwide

TRACKS CD1: 01. Unendlich, 02. Letztes Licht, 03. Treiben, 04. Am Ende aller Tage, 05. Dein Kuss, 06. Memories, 07. Monument, 08. Schwerkraft, 09. Frei, 10. Hinter dem Horizont

CD2: 01. Memories (acoustic version), 02. Stay, 03. Unendlich (club version), 04. Hinter dem Horizont (cover by PROJECT PITCHFORK feat. SUE), 05. Unendlich (ZEROMANCER rmx), 06. Frei (ROTERSAND rmx), 07. Dein Kuss (FROZEN PLASMA rmx), 08. Am Ende aller Tage (WE ARE TEMPORARY rmx), 09. Letztes Licht (EXFEIND rmx), 10. Treiben (VERSUS rmx), 11. Schwerkraft (METALLSPÜRHUNDE rmx)

CD3: Tracks 1 to 10 of CD1 + ‚Stay‘, all narrated by Sonja Kraushofer & Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg.

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