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DIE KRUPPS - I [BLACK] 2LP View larger




release date: 08-06-2018

31,00 €

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Double-LP reissue special limited collector’s BLUE VINYL edition of the classic proto-industrial/metal album in deluxe Gatefold Sleeve! Remastered audio + restored cover artwork. Includes rare demos and 2008 remakes of hit songs, including "Metal Machine Music" and "Rings of Steel"!

Originally released on Rough Trade Germany’s ‘Our Choice’ label in 1992, the album "I" saw Die Krupps' classic shift to metal-industrial and blew away both the EBM and metal scenes, spawning a new era for a band that has yet to call it quits. This amazing double-LP vinyl reissue not only includes the full album remastered, but as well bonus material such as remakes and early demos, including the early demo-version of legen- dary ‘Dr. Mabuse’ – the song that was to become a worldwide hit by PROPAGANDA! Side C includes five early demos, including the Metal Machine Music demo, and Side D has a mix of 2008 remakes of classic cuts as well as EBM, so-called "non-guitar" versions for the purists!

TRACKS A: A1. High Tech Low Life, A2. Metal Machine Music, A3. Doppelganger, A4. The Dawning of Doom, A5. Ministry of Fear

TRACKS B: B1. One B2 Simply Say No, B3. Disciples of Discipline, B4. The Power, B5. Rings of Steel

TRACKS C: C1. Dr. Mabuse (early demo), C2. Metal Machine Music (early demo), C3. Doppelganger (early demo), C4. Simply say No (early demo), C5. The Power (early demo)

TRACKS D: D1. High Tech Low Life (2008 Version), D2. Disciples of Discipline (2008 Version), D3. High Tech Low Life (non guitar version), D4. Ministry of Fear (non guitar version), D5. Disciples of Discipline (non guitar version)

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